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For all teams who document their work with fotos and reports

Collaborate as a team

Many tasks are repeatedly done by the same people. We make it easy to collaborate. Focus on your work, not on organizing your peers.

Project insight

We think in Projects

Stop waisting time by saving your pictures in folders. We think in projects - just as you do.

Easy to find, easy to export

With Onstruc, finding your pictures is easy - even after a long time. And you will always have them on hand - In your pocket or on your desktop.

Proof of Work

Every picture gets meaningful context, so you never have to wonder where and when you made it. Onstruc acts as your proof of work - Guaranteed.

Create PDF reports and much more

Here are some more Onstruc Features. And please come back for more soon.

PDF Berichte

Create pdf reports of your work with optional satellite or map views in seconds.

Sharing is easy

We know how important it is too easily share you Pictures.

Respects your pivacy

We take care of your pictures. And if your company prefers them to be on your own servers - no problem. Let us know.

Works in your Browser

Connect your backoffice with your workers with our innovative Webclient.

Save time

Always know what work was done at what time by who without even having to go to the project in person.

More coming soon

Our Team is devoted to bring you the best experience, stay tuned for some good stuff in our weekly releases.

"Exzellent gelöst, die lesbaren Fotos helfen uns im Team besseres Verständnis zu haben. Wir sparen Zeit und sind weniger frustriert. Danke!"
Satisfied Customer
Working with contractors in private: "(...) I was looking for something to remotely get updated on their progress and to see what they where doing. (...) I created 3 projects with the same adress. One for each contractor team, and asked them to download the app and simply take pictures if they had questions or were done. (...)I am on top of the project (...) Great app."
Satisfied Customer
"Sehr einfach zu bedienen, gut strukturiert, Ort wird zum Projekt abgelegt, man kann Bemerkungen hinzufügen. Innerhalb einer Arbeitsgruppe können Bilder einfachst geteilt und auch exportiert werden. Weiter so! Optimale Gewerkstransparenz!"
Omar Ayoubi
Satisfied Customer

Some Impressions

Here are some Pictures of what your Onstruc might look like soon

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