Supervise with Onstruc


Use Onstruc in the office for supreme supervision of your projects.

Supervise Projects

On the Webclient you get an easy overview over all your current projects and sort them after the newest updates.

Overview Processes

Get a deeper look into your projects, see what happened in what timespan, where pictures where taken, sort them on a map and get the perfect insight into your picture based processes.


With the PictureProof your fotos are forever connected with the most important data. It proofs who took the picture where and when. If using a Workspace License, you can access your Tags on the right side of the picture and edit them

Create & Download Reports

Create your reports anytime on the Onstruc Desktop. Download your reports with one click and have the PDF's on hand anytime.

And here's what you get on top with a Workspace Pro Licence

These features are only included in a Workspace Pro Licence

Create Your own Tags (Workspace Pro)

With the Workspace Pro Licence you get your own private Onstruc Workspace. Create your own custom tagging system and add tags to pictures, projects, workspaces and then create smart reports and forms from the generated information!

Customize your Forms (Workspace Pro)

With your own Tags you can now build forms, no complicated editors needed. Your forms have your logo, company information and of course you can sign them.

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