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Use Onstruc for your ideal documentation and collaboration.

1. The Camera View

When you open the Onstruc App you will see our camera screen right away - here you can open the side menu and check out the wide-angle camera, use a grid, jump right into the Series Photo Mode or just take a picture!

2. Connect Picture

After taking a picture, it will be automatically connected to the right project. See who you are sharing the information with and easily add a comment.

3. Your Project Overview

Here you can see all your current projects. You can create new ones or just open one of the existing projects!

4. Your Project

In your Project you can find all added photos - your newest one is right on top! You can edit your project, overview and send pictures or even create a report. Also you can add collegues and teams to the project here.

5. Look at your PictureProof

With the PictureProof your fotos are forever connected with the most important data. It proofs who took the picture where and when. If using a Workspace License, you can access your Tags below.

6. Create a report

After selecting one or multiple pictures the bottom menu opens and you can create a report! Add a comment, sattelite and map view ad let's go! A PDF report will be generated within seconds.

And here's what you get on top with a Workspace Pro Licence

These features are only included in a Workspace Pro Licence

Your Workspace (Workspace Pro)

With the Workspace Pro Licence you get your own private Onstruc Workspace. Here you make Onstruc yours and individualize it exactly how you need it.

Add tags (Workspace Pro)

To pictures, projects, reports and workspaces. With your PRO-Licence you can configure what information you need for your specific use-case and add valuable data with just a few clicks.

Create individual Reports (Workspace Pro)

On the webclient your personal forms are configured - all you have to do now is fill our a few fields and your company specific forms are automatically generated within seconds.

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