About Us

About Us

We are a Berlin based startup on a mission to make the easiest documentation and supervision software.

What We Do

We work. And we do it a lot. We develop software, we sell, we meet, we talk, we design and we love doing all of the above and rewarding our selfs with the great outcome of our work. Make.It.Happen.

Our Values

We believe in a agile work life. Our staff can work from home if they prefer. We meet everyday in our scrum meeting. Do what makes you productive. Do what makes you feel best.

Meet our Founders

John Agricola

10 Years CEO in E-Commerce - E-Commerce Manager @Occhio - IT Manager @Capgemini/Lufthansa

Isabeau Ayoubi

Head of Product Design
- Lead Designer of a Proptech Company - Graphic Designer @Baur Group

Our Team

Stanislav Khatko

Head Frontend Developer

Khalifah Bani Younes

Sales Middle East

Max Bazaleev

Head Android Developer

Vlad Malkov

Head iOS Developer

Dixith Pinjari

Data Analyst

Sebastian Klemm

Automated Testing

Prof. Dr. Ilka Agricola


Wassim Haroun


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