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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of answers to common questions.

Onstruc allows you to easily organize your photos in a way that makes finding them later a simple task.

If you or your organization is using photos to document your work, then Onstruc should be what you need to make organizing and finding photos much easier.

Currently, Onstruc is available in German, English, Arabic, Russian, and Ukrainian. More languages are planned.

Download and try out our free version and contact us for a free online demonstration.

Log out and try logging in again. If this doesn’t solve your problem, please contact support.

This will occur when your internet connection is weak right after the picture was taken. Simply open Onstruc app once you have restored your internet connection.

Onstruc is best suited for teams of 2-30 people for single projects. However, from user feedback Onstruc is useful for a single person as well as much larger groups. We are currently working on enterprise features to enable complex user management.

Yes. In addition, certain features are only available with one of our paid plans.

On Android, we support version 6.0 and up, although we highly recommend version 10.0+. Currently, wide-angle camera support is limited to higher-end Samsung devices. On iOS, we support iPhone 6+, assuming you have the latest version of iOS. Currently, wide angle camera support is not guaranteed but should work on every Apple device with a wide angle camera. Please contact support if you experience any problems. On PC and Mac, our Web client has been tested with Chrome, Firefox, and Safari but should work with any modern internet browser.

Onstruc Desktop works with today’s modern Browsers.

No, you can work offline however functionality is limited. Once you are back online, all your work will be updated automatically.

A project is similar to a folder where you can organize all relevant photos captured by the Onstruc app.

A team is used to bundle recurring groups of people working together.

Yes, you can invite people to join you with just a few clicks using the communication channel of your choice such as SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram, Slack, Gmail, etc. If the person you invited doesn’t have the Onstruc app installed they will be prompted to download the free app and complete a simple registration.

Information about a new release usually comes when you update the Onstruc app, otherwise, you can find release notes for the current version in Google Play or App Store.

Please contact us via our form or

Global construction and facility management companies and more coming soon. We are not focused on any particular industry as we believe there are many use cases for the Onstruc app.

We are a growing team with 9 employees right now. Have a look at the About Us section to learn more about our team members.