Onstruc for Window Manufacturers

Onstruc for window manufacturers

Window manufacturers save a lot of time and effort with our digital toolset!


With Onstruc, no training is needed, as it was specifically developed to be used by everyone without any difficulties. Documenting photos with Onstruc, can be as simple as taking a photo and it will be automatically assigned to a pre-selected project, which enables window installers to take photos without the struggle of assigning photos and forms.


Employees call in sick and projects’ priorities change from time to another. In such situations, good communication is crucial. With Onstruc, your team members collaborate and communicate easily through our collaboration features.


Obtaining information from the site can be really stressful if you are not using the right solution. With Onstruc the status of your project can be easily viewed. It is as simple as viewing your desktop account from the office and you are fully in the picture, since photos and reports will be automatically shared between window installers on site and the office crew.

what our customers think:

“We produce windows and work together with different contractors. For all of us it is important to share the work we do and the quality we deliver. With Onstruc everyone is up-to-date at all times and we can work coordinated.”
Uwe Koller
Koller Metallbau
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"We’ve been using Onstruc for some time now and really like the applications. Especially the desktop version is a great help to us! Onstruc is reaching a whole new level. Just genius.”
Markus Kley
Schedel Rolllaen
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In conclusion there are following advantages:

Window Manufacurers have different advantages when working with Onstruc:

  • Making decisions as a executive is getting easier and faster. In window manifacturing theres a lot of complex facts to be shared between executives and their teams. With intuitive photo- and tagging-based workflows a lot of details are easily recorded.


  • Spare a lot of time and nerves whilst working sustainable and CO2 friendly! Projects can be far apart. Supervise them from the webclient and spare at least every 5th drive to a construction site!


  • Onstruc doesn’t only simplify communication and documentatio but it also safes all your valuable Data so you can find it again whenever you need it. Onstruc makes your team work together as one easier than ever before.

Photos & Forms

Photos get taken

  • to showcase the customer what the state of the project is
  • to have a proper, longlasting documentation  

Forms get used

  • to record damage fast and easy
  • to cummunicate fast but sufficiant

Onstruc DNA

Every team member should profit in Onstruc. Thats's how a good collaboration works. We help to work efficiant and motivated together.


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